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About Transitions

We strive to provide the best, least expensive, buprenorphine medication assisted therapy (MAT) services that we can, to opioid-dependent people in the Sacramento region who want to change the way they relate to opioids such as Norco, Vicodin, Oxys, heroin, and methadone, whether obtained legally or illegally.

Transitions started when Dr. Flynn began treating people with “opioid addiction”, as it was called then, with buprenorphine, in the Saturday free clinic named the Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic (JVMC), in 2008. When the number of patients being treated increased to about 20 he could no longer see them all without help, so the Priorities Clinic was formed in conjunction with Harm Reduction Services in 2011. After two years the Clinic changed its affiliation to SANE, another non-profit organization in Sacramento.


After two years with SANE, Transitions was formed and has grown from about 150 patients in 2015 to 600 today. Mr. Alcala was hired to manage the clinic and maintain the building in which the clinic is housed. We now have six administrative staff and seven medical providers. In August of 2019 we received a grant from the Sierra Health Foundation to expand the clinic and offer additional services.

We plan to become a non-profit organization in 2022, and hope to be able to accept insurance, including Medi-Cal, by early 2023. We are adding behavioral counseling, educational forums, mutual support groups, and psychiatric consultation at no charge to patients. The monthly fee covers all services, as needed by the individual patient. 

Our Staff

Mendy DeGennaro

Insurance Specialist

yp headshot.jpg

Ye'Are Parker

Clinic Manager


Kimberly Jackson

Medical Receptionist


Andrew Gilbert

Programming and Research


Trinidad Alcala-Arcos

Research Assistant

Our Staff

Our Providers


Neil Flynn

Medical Director/Owner



Daniel Lewis

Medical Director


Norma Cordero.jpg

Norma Cordero

Executive Director/Social Services Director


DrCarpenter 06.tiff

Cy Carpenter


Phil Summers.jpeg

Phil Summers


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