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Caring for Our Patients

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We offer respectful buprenorphine-based treatment for opioid dependence that includes the prescribing and monitoring of buprenorphine, and counseling support for our clients.

If necessary, we will provide “induction services” (making the transition from your current opioid to buprenorphine) on your first visit to the clinic at no additional cost to you.

What can YOU expect from Transitions Clinic?


  • Non-judgmental, non-punitive, stigma-free care to help you reach your recovery goals!

  • Convenience – we offer home inductions for patients not ready for office induction, along with phone appointments for patients that travel from far away!

  • Affordable treatment and a staff that will work with your insurance company to ensure you won’t have to pay for your medication!

  • The right form of buprenorphine for you – we prescribe ALL forms of buprenorphine!

  • The right dose of buprenorphine for you – we work with you to find your best dose!

  • Access to psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and case management at NO additional charge!

  • No insurance? No problem! Our staff are trained to enroll you in Medi-Cal (if you qualify)!

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